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August 5, 2019 - CCRC grows local talent and cuts out-of-town consultants

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has approved organisational changes which will give job security to frontline Council staff and reduce the requirement for out of town contractors and consultants. 
Council’s Governance and Environment Committee chairman Cr Jeff Baines said building Council’s own capabilities increased the capacity of the organisation.
“It allows us to use people who have skin in the game. They live here and want to live here.  They are part of the community and the organisation,” Cr Baines said.
The organisational changes include converting long-term temporary frontline service delivery roles to permanent roles to provide job security for staff and a reduction in the overall number of manager roles – including the removal of one manager role. 
The creation of new positions will be funded by savings from reducing the use of out-of-town contractors and consultants and building Council’s talent within the organisation.
Creating local employment activates our community with flow-on effects for investment in housing and more money spent in the local economy. It will also support retention of young motivated people in the region.  
“This will allow the organisation’s impact to grow in the region - and with the region - at the same time,” Cr Baines said. 
Key Changes:
Three new local government employee positions for traffic control and truck driving to reduce the reliance and cost of traffic control contractors and to multi-skill employees. Traffic control contractors cost Council $1.2 million each year. 
Temporary Ganger Civil Works roles and Executive Assistant role become permanent roles.  This recognises the need for these roles and provides job security to frontline service staff.
Assets Engineer, Senior Contracts Engineer– to reduce the reliance on out-of-town consultants/contractors, secure government funding for works (reducing the cost to ratepayers) and provide design solutions which will create economic activation and reduce the construction and maintenance costs of assets (reducing the costs to ratepayers).  The roles will be funded from savings in reduced use of out-of-town consultants. 
Principal Design Solutions Engineer – existing unfilled positon reviewed and reporting to the Infrastructure Services section of Council.  To reduce the use of out-of-town contractors and provide fit for purpose engineering solutions that reduce the costs of infrastructure to ratepayers.
Redesign of the communications function in Council.  The Communications Team will remain three roles with removal of the manager role and the team reporting to the Office of the CEO. 
Change of a Planner role to a Senior Planner role, recognising changed capability requirements to support the program of significant planning reform. This role will continue to support economic activation and increase in regional prosperity.  The change also supports career succession for a home-grown, high achieving staff member. 
Creation of a graduate accountant role to provide job opportunities for local talent and succession planning. 
Information Technology roles redesigned to ensure Council is in step with technological advancements.