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Container refund scheme about to kick off

From November 1, there will be two refund points across the Cassowary Coast where you can collect 10 cents for each empty drink container you return.
The introduction of the state-wide container refund scheme will give people an incentive to collect and return containers for recycling, in exchange for a 10 cent refund payment.
This Queensland Government initiative is being run by not-for-profit group Container Exchange (CoEx) and funded by charging beverage manufacturers 10.2 cents (adjusted quarterly) for each container they produce.
Cassowary Coast Councillor Jeff Baines said it will help to encourage recycling while also reducing the amount of plastic we see in the environment.
“It’s really important that we as a community recognise the impact our rubbish has on our attractive natural assets, including the Great Barrier Reef,” said Cr Baines. 
“Despite the fact they can be easily recycled, it’s appalling that statistics show nearly three billion containers are used by Queenslanders each year and they are the second most commonly littered item in our environment.”
Cassowary Cost residents will be able to return eligible containers via the container refund point at; 
MAMS Group depot; 5 Dickson Rd, Innisfail; Monday to Friday 10.00am to 2.00pm, Saturday 8.00am to 12 Noon
Tully Showgrounds – Mobile Unit, Monday; 10.00am to 4.00pm, Saturday; 10.00am to 2.00pm
Queensland is the fifth state or territory to adopt a container deposit scheme, behind South Australia, the Northern Territory, New South Wales and the ACT.
MAMS who are facilitating the container refund scheme on the Cassowary Coast will be hosting an information session this week to ensure community groups know how too they can benefit from the scheme. 
 “This is a super easy way to turn your recycle containers into real cash!” said Cr Baines. 
“It will be great to see our local schools, sporting and community groups using this scheme to benefit their fundraising efforts.” 
A MAMS information session will be held this Thursday 11 October from 4pm to 7pm to ensure community groups are up to speed on the scheme.  
Under the scheme, only empty eligible drink containers with an approved refund mark can be returned to a container refund point for a 10 cent refund.
“Most drink containers between 150ml and 3 litres will be eligible for a refund under the scheme,” said Cr Baines. 
“Some drink containers will be exempt, such as containers for plain milk, wine and pure juice. This is because the focus of the scheme is on away-from-home drink containers which are the most commonly littered.”
The public will be able to start getting a 10 cent refund for eligible containers from 1 November, 2018. 
To learn more about Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme, please go to the Queensland government’s website via 
What can you get refunds for?
You can get refunds for most aluminium, steel, glass, plastic and paperboard containers between 150ml and 3 litres.
But some containers are ineligible, including:
  • milk containers 
  • wine and spirits bottles 
  • large containers (1L or more) for flavoured milk, juice, cask wine or cask water 
  • cordial or vegetable juice containers 
  • wine sachets above 250mL 
  • health tonics 
  • all containers smaller than 150ml or larger than 3 litres