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Hard waste pick up for flood affected areas

Cassowary Coast Regional Council will be collecting hard waste from selected flood affected areas within the Cassowary Coast region. 

Innisfail has been assessed using the rapid damage assessment information guide which assesses the areas highest impacted.  This guide is also used for directing resources for human social recovery and services.

The hard waste clean-up will only be provided to the following approved Streets – Corinda Street, Sherwood Street, Hilda Street, Alba Street, Duffy Street, Florence Street, Brownlee Street, Payne Street, River Road, Howe Street, Jodrell Street,  Marjory Street, Webb Crescent, Cahill Street, Bliss Street and Louis Street.

The Tully and Cardwell regions will be confirmed in the next 48 hours.

Council has a strict criteria for collection and only residential flood damaged goods from the significant event that occurred between 9th and 11th March, 2018 will be collected.

If residents have an insurance claim pending they are urged to check with their insurer before disposing of any goods.

Please ensure there are no hazardous materials such as asbestos included in the rubbish.  If you are unsure please contact Council’s customer service for advice 1300763903.