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Local Kids Thrive in Home Based Family Day Care

The key objective of the Cassowary Coast Family Day Care program is to provide high quality childcare in home-based facilities. The program is an alternative to larger child care centres and offers a more tailored approach. Educators look after smaller groups of children in their own home environments that are adapted and regulated to ensure they provide a safe and nurturing environment.

One of the major issues across the Cassowary Coast region relating to childcare is the lack of places for children in larger centres especially as young families continue to grow and the demand continues to outweigh the supply.

The program complies with national guidelines and are monitored by the Department of Education and Training to ensure the highest quality of childcare service is provided. The requirements for all educators is to hold the minimum qualification of a Certificate III in Childcare. However, people studying towards that qualification who are enrolled in that minimum requirement can be employed in the program.

Strengthening the team is the recent addition of Debra Taylor in the role of Educational Leader who will mentor Educators and help those studying complete their qualifications. With over 13 years of experience in the childcare sector she brings exceptional experience and knowledge to the department.

Debra’s main role is to mentor and support and educate the educators in the home to ensure they are working to the best of their abilities and maintaining the highest quality of care under the national regulatory guildelines.

Several elements need to align for suitable care to happen including having the right dynamics and ages in a group and parent’s workday schedules coordinating with the schedules of the educators. 

Council can offer a more flexible environment for families to access the service which runs very well in an area where many parents are seasonal workers and or work outside of standard business hours. Care is provided that can accommodate these needs. The aim is to serve the requirements of the region and be more adaptable to the way the community works.

“Council’s core business includes key social justice policies that support families and their wellbeing through Family Day Care Services. I am extremely proud of the professionalism and dedication shown by our Family Day Care facilitators. The children in their care benefit from the early experience of sharing with other children. The highest standards are applied to all our childcare services and the children are given an excellent introduction to early learning,’” said Cr Mark Nolan.