Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Before the cyclone season... Before the cyclone season...

  • Check with the Cassowary Coast Regional Council to see if your home has been built to cyclone standards.
  • Check that the walls, roof and eaves of your home are secure.
  • Trim treetops and branches well clear of your home (get Council permission).
  • Preferably fit shutters, or at least metal screens, to all glass areas.
  • Clear your property of loose material that could blow about and possibly cause injury or damage during extreme winds.
  • In case of a storm surge/tide warning, or other flooding, know your nearest safe high ground and the safest access route to it.
  • Check neighbours, especially recent arrivals, to make sure they are prepared.

Prepare an emergency kit including:

  1. A portable battery radio, torch and spare batteries
  2. Water containers, dried or canned food and a can opener
  3. Matches, fuel lamp, portable stove, cooking gear, eating utensils
  4. A first aid kit and manual, masking tape for windows and waterproof bags
  5. A list of emergency phone numbers

Click here for a full emergency kit checklist