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Book Club Sets Book Club Sets

Ever wanted to start a book club? Or do you have an existing club, but don’t want to buy 10 copies of a book?

Cassowary Coast Libraries encourage and support book clubs in our region. We can provide a place for you to meet and arrange loans of Book Club Sets.

Each set contains ten copies of the one title, plus other book club material.
Sets are available to members of Cassowary Coast Libraries who register with us.

Library membership is FREE and joining is as easy as visiting the nearest branch of Cassowary Coast Libraries with proof of current residential address.

Choosing a book club set

Click here for a current full list of titles. You also need to check that the title you want is actually available for loan and not already on loan to another group. You can do this by following these steps:

1. Go to the Rural Libraries Queensland catalogue.
2. Make the following selections:
     a. Format: Bookclub Set
     b. Location at: Public Library Services (PLS)
     c. Tick Available in library
     d. Click GO
3. Browse the list of available titles in the catalogue.

Reserving a book club set

  • Only available titles from the current list can be reserved.
  • Individual borrowers cannot reserve these titles in the RLQ catalogue.
  • A Cassowary Coast Libraries Book Clubs Information & Registration Form for each reserved title needs to be completed and delivered to your local branch to arrange the loan.

Borrowing a book club set

  • The sets are available for a short term loan of 6 weeks. Loans cannot be extended beyond this period.
  • Only the club representative who ordered the set is able to collect book sets.
  • The club member who ordered the set is responsible for the care and return of all items.



How to start a book club

See some great tips on starting a book club here.

How to run a book club

Some great tips on running a book club are available here.