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Development Incentive Scheme

A development incentive scheme has been introduced for the Cassowary Coast region, offering a 50 per cent to 100 per cent reduction in infrastructure charges for certain eligible developments.

The scheme applies to developments approved from 13 December 2016 and completed by 14 December 2018.

It largely promotes commercial, industrial and tourism development in different parts of the region but also promotes some infill residential development.

The scheme has been introduced to help stimulate investment in the Cassowary Coast region. It is part of a broader investment incentives strategy being developed by Council. 

Development Incentives Information Sheet
Request Form for Reduction in Infrastructure Charges

Assessment of Developments

The Sustainable Planning Act 2009 (Qld) (SPA) provides the legislative framework for planning and development assessment in Queensland. SPA provides for the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS), which is the system used for lodgement, assessment and approval of development applications.

The IDAS process involves five stages as follows:

  • Application
  • Information and referral
  • Notification
  • Decision
  • Compliance Stage

It should be noted that not all applications will need to proceed through all five IDAS stages.

The following activities may require approval in accordance with the IDAS process:

  • A material change of use such as establishing a new business or activity on a site, re-establishing a use which has been abandoned or intensifying a use.
  • Reconfiguring a lot including a standard subdivision, a boundary realignment, an amalgamation of lots or the creation of an easement giving access to a lot from a constructed road.
  • Carrying out operational works including filling and excavation, installing an advertising device, clearing vegetation and certain works in watercourses or tidal waters.
  • Carrying out building work: See Building.
  • Carrying out plumbing or drainage work: See Plumbing and Drainage.

Please check the planning scheme to see whether the development you wish to undertake is assessable and therefore requires approval from Council. It should be noted that some development may not be assessable in accordance with a planning scheme, but may still require approval in accordance with SPA, for example clearing vegetation.

If development approval is required from Council, you need to lodge the relevant application forms with Council. A copy of the relevant IDAS forms is available here or by emailing phoning Council on 1300 763 903 or (07) 4030 2241.

The completed IDAS forms, mandatory supporting information and the applicable application fee must be lodged with Council either by post, over the counter or online. Council's postal address and the location of Council's offices can be found on the Contact Council page. To lodge an application online, go to Smart eDA.

For further information please contact Planning Services on 1300 763 903 or 07 4030 2265.  You can also email your application or planning query to

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