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How can I make a submission on the proposed strategy?

The Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy will undergo extensive community consultation before the draft version is made available for feedback via formal submission.

Where can I find more information about climate change and sea level rise?

The science related to climate change and sea level rise constantly changes. As a result the predictions for levels of climate change vary from location to location especially with a country as large and with a diverse range of climates as Australia. Predictions are usually framed in rise of sea level (measured in cm) with relation to the year.

Reference OzCoasts Sea level rise maps and Australian Government - Department of Environment and Energy

Next Steps

The next steps in the preparation of the Cassowary Coast CHAS include:

  • Identifying key assets potentially impacted across the region;
  • Completing a risk assessment of key assets in coastal hazard areas;
  • Identifying potential adaptation actions including undertaking a socio-economic appraisal of adaptation options; and
  • Developing the strategy and local adaptation plans.

How can I stay informed?

In the near future you will be able to sign up to receive updates.

For more information about the project and Council’s vision for climate change adaptation, visit Council’s website, at

Should you have any questions in relation to this matter, please contact Planning Services on Ph: (07) 4030 2222 or email