Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Cassowary Coast Consultative Group

Nominations were sought over an extended period and an appropriate rationale has been developed to ensure that the Council is able to implement a practical and inclusive consultative process. Nominations were open to residents representative of the broad Cassowary Coast community and sought to include people from a range of ages, household types, geographic locations, cultural backgrounds and expertise.

The establishment of a consultative group is expected to provide Council with a strengthened capacity to undertake more collaborative interaction with the community and in turn, provide a more informed basis for its decision making processes.

  1. Kim Badcock                                  Mission Beach           
  2. Raymond Blanco                            Innisfail           
  3. Patricia Barnard                             Mission Beach            
  4. Cathy Barrett                                  Innisfail                       
  5. Suzanne Bassette                          Innisfail                       
  6. Ron Donges                                   Innisfail                       
  7. Tammie Davidson                          Innisfail                       
  8. Daryl Dickson                                 Cardwell                     
  9. Julie French                                    Innisfail                       
  10. Wayne Gattera                               Innisfail                       
  11. Shane Greenwood                         Tully               
  12. Wayne Halpin                                 Kurrimine Beach        
  13. Lynda Hannah-Williams                 Mission Beach            
  14. Jenny Joyce-Daley                        Innisfail                       
  15. Lance Law                                      Innisfail                       
  16. Nancy Lowe                                   Mission Beach           
  17. Catherine MacDonald                    Innisfail                       
  18. Zanette Phillips                               Wongaling Beach      
  19. Alister Pike                                     Mission Beach           
  20. Jasmine Porteous                          Mission Beach           
  21. Adrienne Shaw                               Innisfail                       
  22. Danielle Smith                                Innisfail                       
  23. Brad Tait                                         Innisfail                       
  24. James Teague                                Mission Beach           
  25. Noel Treharne                                Cardwell   
  26. Maria Vasicek                                Mourilyan