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Applying for Community Sponsorship, Grants, Donations and in-kind Support

Council provides limited financial assistance to support community organisations and individuals making a positive contribution to the development of the Cassowary Coast region’s environmental, social and cultural values, economic, sport, recreation and lifestyle.

Financial assistance can be through sponsorship, grants, donations and in-kind support to individuals and not-for-profit community organisations. This intends to enhance livability through the breadth and quality of community events, services, programs and facilities in the region consistent with the Council’s adopted Annual Budget and strategic priorities that are identified in its Corporate Plan and Operational Plan for any given year.

  • Community Event Sponsorship

  • Community Services Sponsorship

  • Community Assistance Scheme Annual Grants

  • Youth Assistance

  • Donations

  • Cassowary Coast Community Christmas Appeal

  • Letters of Support

  • Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF)

For more information please refer to the Community Grant Guideline:


Annual Grant Applications 2020-21 Financial Year

Community Assistance Scheme Annual Grant Round 2020 – 2021


For projects not commencing beforfe Monday 29 March 2021.

All applications are assessed on their merit against Council's Community Grants Policy and guidelines, as well as selection criteria set out in the policy and Guidelines. The Annual Grants Program funding provides funding up to 65% of project costs. You will be required to contribute either cash, in-kind support or both.

For the best opportunity to secure funding please discuss your project first with Council's Community Development Officer, Kath Hansen on the phone 4030 2255, or via email: Please see the Community Grants Guidelines and Assessment Criteria below for more details


  • Organisations applying for funding under the Community Assistance Scheme Annual Grants must comply with Council's policy.  All completed applications must be submitted by hard copy or email to:
  • Cassowary Coast Regional Council, PO Box 887, INNISFAIL Q 4860 Or
  • Email:

Council holds one round of community grants for community groups each year, with funding approvals capped at $3,000.


Information Privacy and Right to Information

Applicants must consent to the information contained within applications being disclosed to or by Cassowary Coast Regional Council for the purpose of assessing, administering, monitoring and evaluation. Council may contact other funding agencies to verify grants requested from other funding agencies in support of projects.   Your personal information is handled in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009 and will be accessed by persons who have been authorised to do so. Your information will not be given to any other person or agency unless you have given Council permission or the disclosure is required by law. 

For transparency, all successful applicant payments will be viewable on this website.


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12 tips for a strong application

1. Give yourself enough time to gather the required information in order to submit your application by the deadline provided.
2. Make sure you read the application kit carefully, including eligibility criteria and guidelines, as this will assist you in the quality of your application and ensure your project meets our assessment criteria.
3. Contact your Council’s Grants Officer before you commence your application to discuss your project and to ensure your project meets eligibility and criteria.
4. Follow all application instructions, adhere to word limits and make sure you answer all the required questions.
5. Make sure you complete all contact details as this enables the assessors to contact you if they have questions about your application.
6. Clearly identify how receiving a grant will meet a need in your community that will help foster inclusion and be of benefit to the community.
7. Provide evidence/a compelling reason for your organisation to receive the funding requested.
8. Ensure you have included your ABN and noted if you have DGR1 status (check at
9. Keep your application short, sharp and succinct so it is easy to read, and remember to check spelling before submitting your application.
10. Ensure you have included all the required supporting documentation ie quotes, letters of support/partnership/participation, incorporation certificate etc
11. Ask someone unfamiliar with the project to read the application to check your information.
12. Make sure you have engaged the necessary stakeholders within your organisation before applying for this grant