Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Council Divisions Council Divisions

Cassowary Coast Regional Council is made up of six divisions. They came into effect on 15 March 2008.

Division 1

Division 1 includes the areas of Cardwell, Kennedy, Bilyana, Euramo, Hinchinbrook Island, Murray Upper, Lower Tully, Tully Heads, and Hull Heads. Division 1 map.

Division 2

Division 2 includes the areas of Tully, Feluga, Silkwood and Mena Creek. Division 2 map.

Division 3

Division 3 includes the areas of South Mission Beach, Wongaling Beach, El Arish, Mission Beach, Bingil Bay, Kurrimine Beach, Cowley Beach and Silkwood East. Division 3 map.

Division 4

Division 4 includes the areas of East Palmerston, South Johnstone, Goondi, Wangan, and Mundoo. Division 4 map.

Division 5

Division 5 includes the areas of Innisfail, Vasa Views, Flying Fish Point, Coconuts and Innisfail Estate. Division 5 map.

Division 6

Division 6 includes the areas of East Innisfail, Mourilyan, South Innisfail, Etty Bay and Moresby. Division 6 map.