Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Councillors Councillors

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has seven elected councillors who represent residents.

The mayor is elected by all residents while the other six councillors represent a division of the region and are elected by the residents in their division.

The latest local government elections were held in March 2016.  Councillors were sworn in on April 6 for a 4-year term.



Mayor John Kremastos
Ph: 0400 220 848





Cr Glenn Raleigh (Division 1)
Ph: 0417 719 591





Cr Rick Taylor (Division 2)
Ph: 0438 049 520




Cr Wayne Kimberley (Division 3)
Deputy Mayor
Ph: 0437 864 174





Cr Mark Nolan (Division 4)
Ph: 0400 440 837





Cr Jeff Baines (Division 5)
Ph: 0438 354 427




Cr Ben Heath (Division 6)
Ph: 0428 652 027



Councillor Register of Interests page

Find out who your local councillor is and which division you are in

If you would like to write to a councillor, please address your correspondence to the specific councillor at: Cassowary Coast Regional Council Chambers, 70 Rankin St, PO Box 887, Innisfail Qld 4860.  click here to view the Management Directive concerning Expenses Reimbursement for Councillors.