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Disaster Management, Recovery and Resilience Disaster Management, Recovery and Resilience

Has your business been affected by the recent March flood event? The Queensland Government is undertaking a survey to assess the impact of a natural disaster on the affected businesses and the regional economy. 

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Preparation is the key to survival and the Cassowary Coast Regional Council takes the matter of disaster management, recovery and resilience seriously.

The Far North Queensland region can experience severe climatic conditions, which can lead to potential business losses.  The Cassowary Coast Regional Council is an experienced manager of major disaster events and, as such, wishes to ensure that the region's businesses are well prepared for any event.   

To make your business more resilient Council encourages thorough planning and preparation. This will minimise the possibility of damage, interruptions and the loss of business if and when disaster strikes. Council does not enforce business preparation and mitigation activities but encourages and promotes good business practice throughout the region.  Council recommends that all businesses, regardless of size, develop a business continuity and recovery plan to deal with any threat.

The Queensland and Australian Government, along with many other organisations, provide substantial help to businesses on an ongoing basis.  Below is a sample of support information available to businesses, including business continuity templates. 

Queensland Government

Business Continuity Plan Template
Business and Industry Portal
Emergency Services website

Australian Government 

Emergency Management
Disaster Assist

Other Sources of Information

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