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The Cassowary Coast has a two wheelie bin system for kerbside garbage collection - the red or blue-lidded bin is for "wet waste" and the green-lidded bin is for "dry waste".  The wet waste bin is collected every week and the dry waste bin is collected every second week.  Please see below for collection days.

"Dry waste" material is buried in landfill. "Wet waste" - which is unclean/contaminated material - is transported to Springmount Waste Facility on the Tablelands because waste facilities in the Cassowary Coast region are only licenced by the State Government to accept dry waste due to strict environmental regulations and the impacts of this region's extreme rainfall.

These State Government requirements are in place to protect our groundwater and surface water from contamination.

Examples of dry waste:

  • Clean plastic bags, cans, bottles, jars, food and drink containers
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Wood and cork
  • Glass (all types)
  • Small metal items
  • Fabric (clothing, shoes etc)
  • Clean packaging material

Examples of wet waste:

  • Food scraps
  • Aerosol cans
  • Unrinsed steel cans
  • Dirty plastic bags
  • Unrinsed food and drink containers
  • Disposable nappies (napkins, tissues, cotton wool, etc.)
  • Other wet waste materials (putrescibles)
  • Small quantities of garden waste (please try composting instead)


All improved properties in the serviceable area are required to have a wheelie bin service. Wheelie bin services are charged to the rates of a property. A property is serviceable unless it is located in a rural area and the house is located more than 100m from the nearest serviceable road.

Garbage Collections/Bin Days

Please use the calendars below to identify which week you will need to put out two bins (this is the highlighted week on the calendar) and which week you just put out one bin (the wet waste bin).  Your area has been classified as either a week one or week two area in relation to bin collections.  If you live on a street where bins are collected on multiple days, and you are not sure which day to put your bins out, please contact Council on 1300 763 903.

MONDAY: (Week 1) Birkalla, Carmoo, Coconuts, East Innisfail, Eaton, Flying Fish Point, Hull Heads, Innisfail, Jubilee Heights, Merryburn, South Mission Beach, Tully Heads
MONDAY: (Week 2) Boogan, Cardwell, Comoon Loop, Ellerbeck, Etty Bay, Euramo, Innisfail, Martyville, Moresby, Mourilyan, Mourilyan Habour, New Harbourline, Silky Oak, South Innisfail

TUESDAY: (Week 1) Belvedere, Cullinane, Goondi, Goondi Bend, Goondi Hill, Hudson, Innisfail, Jarra Creek, Stoters Hill, Tully
TUESDAY: (Week 2) Cardwell, Carruchan, Damper Creek, Daradgee, Ellerbeck, Eubenangee, Euramo, Fitzgerald Creek, Garranduna, Kennedy, Munro Plains, O'Briens Hill, Rockingham, Rungoo, Upper Daradgee, Vasa Views, Warrami

WEDNESDAY: (Week 1) Cullinane, Daveson, East Innisfail, El Arish, Friday Pocket, Goolboo, Goondi Bend, Granadilla, Jaffa, Kurrimine Beach, Maadi, McCutcheon, Shell Pocket, Silkwood, Tully, Wongaling Beach
WEDNESDAY: (Week 2) Bilyana, Cardwell, Cowley, Cowley Beach, Currajah, East Innisfail, Euramo, Lower Cowley, Murray Upper, Murrigal, Rockingham, Sandy Pocket, South Innisfail, South Johnstone, Sundown, Tully, Warrubullen

THURSDAY: (Week 1) Birkalla, Bulgun, Carmoo, Coquette Point, Djarawong, Djiru, East Feluga, East Innsifail, Lower Tully, Midgenoo, Mighell, Silky Oak, Tully, Webb
THURSDAY: (Week 2) Bamboo Creek, Coorumba, Currajah, Dingo Pocket, East Palmerston, Innisfail Estate, Jarra Creek, Mundoo, Nerada, Palmerston, Pin Gin Hill, Stockton, Stoters Hill, Tully, Wangan

FRIDAY: (Week 1) Bingil Bay, Garners Beach, Maria Creek, Midgeree Bar, Mission Beach, Narragon Beach
FRIDAY: (Week 2) Bombeeta, Camp Creek, Euramo, Germantown, Japoonvale, Mena Creek, Munro Plains, No 4 Branch, No 5 Branch, Silkwood, Utchee Creek, Walter Lever Estate


Placing Bins

Please place your bins kerbside with the wheels facing the house and clear from any obstructions (e.g. trees, letterboxes, cars).

How to Position Your Bin for Collection Day - Factsheet  

How to Prevent Odour Nuisances from Wheelie Bins

Please don't overfill you bins or place rubbish on top or next to the bin - overflowing bins will not be serviced.  And please make sure food scraps and any other wet waste is adequately wrapped in paper or plastic.

Wheelie bin requests

To request a new or an additional wheelie bin service, a Change of Kerbside Garbage Service Request form needs to be submitted to Council.

To request a cancellation of a wheelie bin service, a Change of Kerbside Garbage Service Request form needs to be submitted to Council. Upon cancellation of a service, wheelie bins must be presented for collection. If they are not made available for collection, a replacement fee must be paid.

Cancellation of wheelie bin services will only be approved in the following circumstances:

  • Request is for cancellation of additional services.
  • Cancellation is for a property which has undergone a demolition or house removal and has final building and plumbing and drainage inspections approved.

To request a wheelie bin repair or replacement caused by wear and tear, phone Council's customer service department on 1300 763 903.

Wheelie bins remain the responsibility of ratepayers. Should a bin go missing, should it be stolen or damaged due to events other than general wear and tear, a replacement wheelie bin fee will be charged.

Community Composting Program

Receive a $20 Rebate When You Buy a Compost Bin or Worm Farm

Waste Transfer Station Information

See our Waste Transfer Station page for locations, operating hours etc.