Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Educate Your Children Educate Your Children

  • Tell children that a disaster is something that happens that could hurt people, cause damage, or cut off things such as electricity, water and telephones. Explain to them that nature sometimes provides “too much of a good thing” such as rain, wind and fire. Talk about things that the children can relate to such as loss of power or no water. Watch television programs on natural hazards with them and explain that is what can happen and discuss with them their impressions.
  • Give examples of disasters that could happen in your area. Help children recognise the warning signs of the disaster that could affect your community. Talking about disaster, with them, ahead of time will reduce the fear and anxiety when an event does occur and lets them know how to respond.
  • Teach your children how to ring 000 in a life threatening emergency or when parents are incapacitated.
  • Have your children undertake a first aid or CPR course.
  • Tell children about the many people who will help them during a disaster. Explain the roles of the various emergency services and support agencies and how your children can identify them.
  • Teach your children to call the family contact if they become separated during a disaster event. Help them memorise the telephone number or give it to them on a card they can keep with them.