Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Lodging a Building Application

To lodge a development application for building work, you may need to submit the following documentation depending on the nature of the work:

  • DA Form 2
  • A site plan showing the proposed structure in relation to all boundaries and any other structures that may be located on the lot
  • Building plans that have been engineered and stamped
  • You will need a Form 15 Compliance Certificate for Building Design or Specification which must be completed by a competent person in relation to the design of the proposed building work. (This is usually completed by the engineer.)
  • Report on Energy Efficiency Design which includes a Form 15
  • Soil classification report
  • Sustainable building provisions details
  • QBCC insurance and QLeave (if applicable)
  • Owner Builder permit (if applicable)

A handy checklist outlining all of the above can be found at this link: Documentation Required Checklist.

Fees and Charges

The Development Appliation for building work and applicable application fee, can be lodged with Council either by post or over the counter at a Council office. Council's postal address and the location of Council's offices can be found on the Contact Council page of this website.
Use this link to view Council's Fees and Charges

Development Permits

Once a Development Application for Building Work has been lodged with Council it will be given a Development Application (DA) number. When the application is considered properly made, the assessment of the application can commence and it is carried out in accordance with the Development Assessment Rules.

The currency period for the development approval (building works) is two years, starting the day the approval is granted or takes effect (or six months for re-roof, demolition and swimming pool applications).

If, after this time you are yet to complete the building work, either the owner or applicant may request an extension to the currency period, provided such a request is made before the development approval lapses. If you wish to request an extension to the currency period for your Development Application for Building Work please complete the Request for Extension to the Currency Period Form and submit to Council along with the applicable fee. Your request will be passed on to management and a decision made in due course.

Prior to your permit lapsing, a Form 57 (reminder notice for the lapsing of an approval) will be issued. If you receive a Form 57 and the works have been completed, please contact Council's Building Services team to arrange for a final inspection to be carried out before the lapsing date.

Please note, a garbage service will be established on the property upon the issue of a Final Inspection Certificate for plumbing and drainage work associated with a residential use.  Wheelie bins will automatically be ordered and delivered to site.