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Master Plans and Strategies Master Plans and Strategies

Council develops master plans and strategies to help share its vision for the region.

This page does not include all of Council's master plans and strategies. It includes the latest plans as well as plans related to ongoing or recently-completed projects.

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Greater Mission Beach Area Foreshore Management Plan

The Greater Mission Beach Area Foreshore Management Plan is a guidance document that identifies preferred uses and activities for foreshore areas and provides a vision for beaches and foreshore areas to support community, environmental and tourism values.  Council endorsed the plan in September 2015.

Bingil Bay Campground Master Plan

The Bingil Bay Campground Master Plan has been developed to better protect the site from erosion and vegetation issues. The plan provides for gradual repair of the area. Not all items are funded at the moment - works will be staged as resources become available and as assets are due for repair or replacement.

Rotary Park Master Plan - Wongaling Beach

A master plan was developed in 2007 for this popular beachside park.  In 2011 the park was heavily impacted by storm surges associated with Tropical Cyclone Yasi.  The main picnic shelter was badly damaged and then demolished, and large areas of the foreshore park were lost. Council worked with the Mission Beach Rotary Club to develop the 2013 revised master plan. The plan is consistent with the rationale behind the 2007 plan but relocates significant infrastructure to reduce the risk of storm surge associated with severe weather events. It also makes more effective use of the reduced park area and enhances activities for young people. This plan will be implemented in stages. Stages 1  (constructing a picnic & performance pavilion/amphitheatre) and 2 (upgrading and relocating amenities, construction of pathway linkages and lighting and associated landscaping works) are complete.
Rotary Park Plan A
Rotary Park Plan B
Rotary Park Plan C

Tully Entrance Experience - Butler Street Master Plan

The Tully Entry Experience - Butler Street Master Plan was developed after community consultation in 2011. The plan includes streetscaping and landscaping for the Butler St entrance and parkland areas, and recommends smaller projects that could happen through partnerships and/or as funding permits. The plan was endorsed by Council on 12 September 2013.
Tully Entrance Experience Plan

Lions Park Pathway and Landscape Plan - Tully

Lions Park is beside Tully’s Golden Gumboot. The park was created by the Tully Lions Club around 1978. This plan was developed in consultation with the Lions Club as the first stage of the Butler Street Master Plan. Works have been undertaken as part of a Local Government Grants & Infrastructure project jointly funded by Council and the Queensland Government, with help from the Tully Lions Club.
Lions Park Landscaping Design

Cardwell Arts and Interpretation Strategy

As part of the Cyclone Yasi Reconstructing Cardwell project, a community working group was formed to develop an arts and interpretation strategy supporting the Cardwell Community Vision.  Signage and artwork on the Cardwell foreshore has been developed by local artists, writers and community members. This strategy also highlights opportunities for future public art installations.
Arts and Interpretation Strategy A
Arts and Interpretation Strategy B
Arts and Interpretation Strategy C