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July 2019 - Development approvals show Cassowary Coast on the up

The tide has well and truly turned for the Cassowary Coast region, with the value of building approvals having risen 40 per cent to almost $59.5 million in 2018-2019 compared with the average for the...

June 2019 - The Cassowary Coast welcome mat is out

The Cassowary Coast has hosted a lot of visitors this year, with the World Rafting Championships on the Tully River and the arrival last week of 2000 servicemen and women of the Australian Defence...

May 2019 - Say g’day to our world rafting visitors

Our regional economy is enjoying a boost with white-water rafters from 19 countries competing at Tully Gorge this week in the first World Rafting Championships to be held in Australia. Please take...

April 2019 - Cassowary Coast buzzing with culture and confidence

The Cassowary Coast is humming with events across the region providing a buzz for locals and attracting international visitors while boosting our economy. Our beautiful Art Deco Innisfail...

March 2019 - Agriculture pumps local economy

Agriculture in the Cassowary Coast region, particularly sugar cane and bananas, continues to underpin our local economy, providing jobs and wages and flow-on effects that reach into the hundreds of...

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July 2018

I have noticed a lot of negative Facebook chatter among groups and online pages lately and I’m getting a little fed up with how our region is being portrayed. I have two words to describe a lot of the stuff being said – absolute rubbish.

Firstly, our CEO does not drive a Jaguar. Yes, included in his salary package he is entitled to a car, but in actual fact he did not opt for a brand new car but rather kept an old Council asset and continues to use that today.

Secondly, there are outstanding unpaid rates in relation to Hinchinbrook Harbour/Port Hinchinbrook. I would like to point out that EVERY ratepayer is expected to pay their rates, regardless of who they are. Unpaid rates reduces the ability and capacity to deliver projects and services for the community, which is unfair for those who do pay what they owe.

And lastly, there are rumours going about saying that Council has been using ratepayer dollars to fund court cases. I would like to point out that in the court cases that have been finalised to date, the courts have awarded costs to the community and the ratepayer. Contrary to what social media is reporting, costs to Council have been minimal.      

Let’s stop this negative banter and use social media as a tool to promote the great things, wonderful people and beautiful assets our region has to offer. Let’s make people want to move here, invest here, shop here. Wake up, open your eyes – we live in the best place, so let’s scream to the world about it!