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May 2019 - Say g’day to our world rafting visitors

Our regional economy is enjoying a boost with white-water rafters from 19 countries competing at Tully Gorge this week in the first World Rafting Championships to be held in Australia.

Please take time to say ‘g’day’ and give our visitors a big Cassowary Coast welcome. We want them to spread the news far and wide about what a great place the Cassowary Coast is to visit. Businesses throughout the region have signed as official “Local Champions”, with a commitment to providing great service and sharing knowledge on local attractions and things to do.

Council staff have transformed the Greenway Caravan Park in Tully into a ‘glamping’ Athlete’s Village and the town has been spruced up for the event. Cardwell’s welcome Foreshore Party on Saturday went off with a bang, with around 500 people joining in the fun and enjoying the fireworks. Mission Beach is planning an exciting farewell next Monday.

In another win for Council, the Cassowary Coast has been approached to host the 2021 Local Government Heritage Officers’ Conference. Council Planning Officer Isabella Newman has just returned from the 2019 conference in Ipswich where she presented a case study on the Reinvigoration of the Cassowary Coast’s Art Deco Heritage and outlined the work Council has put in so far. Ms Newman said attendees were impressed (if a little jealous) with our cultural asset.

Council and the Cassowary Coast region are fortunate to have such high quality people, such as Ms Newman, serving our community.

Don’t forget to vote in Saturday’s Federal election.