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November 25, 2019 - Cassowary Coast digs deep to help others at Christmas

The Cassowary Coast Christmas Appeal has begun accepting donations for this year’s festive season fundraiser.

Organisers and charities hope to raise a record amount of more than $10,000 this year to help disadvantaged and less-fortunate members of the community at Christmas.

Even small contributions could make a meaningful difference to help, says the Mayor of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, John Kremastos.

The Christmas fundraiser is a joint effort by the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, partnering with a group of local charities to distribute assistance to genuinely-disadvantaged residents.

“Although many people look forward to Christmas, some experience genuine hardship at this time of year, and this particular appeal is to support them,” Cr Kremastos said.

“Even a small donation from everyone in the Cassowary Coast who could afford it would make a massive difference to help those who are struggling.”

Cr Kremastos said that while there was no upper limit on donations, just two dollars would buy you a Christmas star, on which you could write your name. These stars would then become part of the Christmas tree displays at the Council’s Tully or Innisfail offices.

Donations of more than $50 would buy a gift-wrapped box to be placed at the base of the tree, symbolising hampers and other food and supplies that would be distributed.

“We’re a generous community from all walks of life, and we know what it’s like to experience hardships and natural disasters, and the community always rallies around that,” Cr Kremastos said.

“Our Christmas Appeal is another example of people helping out their neighbours and friends, or even people they might not even know. I would ask as many people as possible to help.”

Donations can be made until COB on Friday, 21/12, at the Council’s offices in Innisfail and Tully, and in Cardwell at the Council Library.

Participating charities to help distribute food, hampers and supplies to the needy this year include the Salvation Army Innisfail; Harvest Church Innisfail; Cassowary Coast Uniting Church; Community Support Centre Innisfail; Tully Support Centre; Wet Tropics Housing and Innisfail Youth & Family Care.