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October 15, 2019 - Art deco streetscapes on display

A new exhibition of artwork in Innisfail showcases streetscapes by painters, freehand illustrators and digital artists from the Cassowary Coast region.

The exhibition, titled Art Deco Streetscapes, includes images of iconic and interesting buildings from the region, in a mix of real-life and enhanced images.  

Together they represent a tribute to the architectural style known as art deco, says Cardwell-based painter Daryl Dickson, whose work is among those on display. 

“Art deco was a style that came about in the 1920s, it was a very elegant era,” she said.

“It tended to be very stylised, and buildings from that time tend to feature visually interesting patterns and designs.” 

Art deco features in many buildings in the Cassowary Coast region – including Tully, Cardwell and Innisfail - because of a major cyclone that flattened much of the area in 1918.  

The towns of course were rebuilt, and the art deco style was a major architectural influence at the time, so many buildings after the storm reflect that.

Many of the images and illustrations in the current exhibition were first shown as part of an art deco festival in August in Cardwell, but now they’re touring the broader region for the first time. 

Cr Ben Heath, of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, said:

“The images show a fascinating range of styles and different approaches to depicting art deco.

“It’s an interesting collection which holds broader appeal because it shows the sheer imagination and interpretation of local visual artists across the region.”

The exhibition runs throughout October at the Council’s town hall community art space in Innisfail, weekdays through October, from 8.30am-4.30pm. Admission is free.