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September 30, 2019 - Tully, Australia teenager - seeks NZ cow

Maya Threlfall has the winning touch when it comes to parading cattle, having just recently won the 2019 State final for Stud Beef Young Paraders in Brisbane.

Now the teenager from Tully State High School has her sights set on competing in national finals to be held next year in New Zealand. 

However, first Maya has a problem to solve. The competition will be held across the Tasman Sea in Hawke’s Bay, more than 3500km away from her home in regional far north Queensland. To enter the competition you have to bring-your-own cow. No cow, no compete.

Maya and her family were recent guests at the Tully Civic Centre, where Maya was presented with a certificate by Cassowary Coast Regional Council Mayor, John Kremastos. 

“Great to see our young people committed and dedicated to their vocation and contributing to our region.  Though Council’s Art Deco connections in New Zealand, Council will advocate with our cuzzy-bro NZ local government counterparts to find Maya a cow,” said Mayor Kremastos. 

Maya hopes to connect with breeders in New Zealand who might be able to help loan her a cow that she can prepare and lead in competition.

It’s not the first time good fortune has swung Maya’s way, with mentors and coaches ranging from her popular Tully high school teacher Warren Giffin, through to Peter Chiesa, who owns Palm Creek Brahmans and helped find Maya a cow to parade in Brisbane.

Maya was determined to do well with the animal for that event, even though she only had two days to prepare with it beforehand. 

“Yeah, I was a bit nervous, but I reckon the main thing in the arena is to be cool, calm and collected. If I’m calm the cow stays calm,” Maya said.

“I’ve always loved working with cattle. We train them (through her high school agricultural program) from when they are calves.

“For now I’ll do more regional shows to get more practice, then hopefully the nationals next year.”

Maya, 16, started in competitions at just 13 years old. In just a few years she has already won awards at the Tully Parade, as well as earlier this year in Cairns, followed by the recent State finals in Brisbane at the Ekka exhibition show ground.

Her parents Anne and Ross couldn’t be more proud of their daughter’s hard work.

“It will be a dream come true for her to be able to compete in New Zealand, doing something she absolutely loves,” mum Anne, said.

“We’ll be thrilled to just see her in the arena. As long as we can find her a cow.”

If you are able to help Maya out with a cow in NZ, please email: