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'Era Of Crime' Exhibition is On The Move

Volunteers at the Cardwell Visitor Information and Heritage Centre are contributing to the rich culture of our region in more ways than one by unearthing some fascinating facts about our colourful history.

The ‘Era of Crime’ Exhibition at the Cardwell Heritage Museum compiled thanks to painstaking research led by Council’s Thea Ormonde and Volunteer Matthew Jackson is on the move after a request in late 2017 from the Townsville Library.

The entire exhibition will be loaned to the Townsville City Council from 5 February until 23 March where it will gain an even wider audience at both the Townsville City Library and Thuringowa Library.

Jackson uncovered that the Calabrian mafia gained their foothold in Australia among the migrants of North Queensland in 1920s. The Black Hand Gang and other powerful Italian gangsters were responsible for running extortion rackets, murders, bombings and engaging in other unsavoury illegal activities.

Some of the ringleaders later moved to Sydney in order to wield more power but often their plans backfired and some met untimely deaths, often penniless and alone.

Since the exhibition opened many people have come forward to share their personal stories about their ancestors.

The exhibition will return to Cardwell in early April before being loaned to other Cassowary Coast Libraries in Tully, Mission Beach and Innisfail.