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Be a Fire Hydrant Champion, Adopt A Fire Hydrant

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) have joined forces to increase awareness of the importance of fire hydrants within the community by encouraging residents to become fire hydrant champions by ‘Adopting a Fire Hydrant’.

The initiative is designed to raise awareness of how critical functioning fire hydrants are during times of emergency.

As part of an ongoing program, Council's Water Section undertakes maintenance of fire hydrants across the Cassowary Coast Shire, ensuring they are accessible and operational. Council and the QEFS are investigating all units for defects in order to prioritise repairs and replacements.

The inspections are also an opportunity for the QFES to be aware of the location of fire hydrants which aids responses during emergency situations.

As part of the Council’s program hydrant marker posts will be installed and hydrant surrounds will be repainted to make the hydrants more visible to residents and the QFES. Council will also be cleaning the silt out of the hydrant pits and checking and replacing faulty hydrants. 

There a number of ways residents can assist including clearing soil, grass and shrubs from around the hydrant, keeping vehicles clear of the hydrant and reporting any visible faults, leakage, damage or vandalism to council.  

“The wet season poses a problem for fire hydrants because much of our soil is sandy and it fills up in the fire hydrant pits. We’ll arrive at a job and won’t be able to access the hydrant until we dig out the dirt. If the hydrant is clear inside we can access it easily and quickly. If residents can look after the hydrants on their properties it would be a fantastic bonus for the fire service,” said Steve Wilson, Station Officer at Innisfail QFES.

“The ‘Adopt-a-Hydrant’ program is extremely important in large rural areas like ours. Many people are unaware where hydrants are located on or near their properties. If residents can help look after them and make sure they are serviceable it saves a lot of time and energy in an emergency situation,” said Cr Glenn Raleigh.

To register your fire hydrant please visit