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Cassowary Coast Tourism Strategies

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council is setting its sights on tourism to reactivate the region’s economy.

At last week’s Council Meeting, Council released two significant strategic studies for general public comment which are intended to help reposition the Cassowary Coast’s tourism sector as an important player in the international and domestic tourist markets for the Far North Queensland region.

The centrepiece has been the preparation of the draft Cassowary Coast Region Tourism Strategy which has been a collaborative effort for the region’s industry based Local Tourist Organisation – Tropical Coast Tourism (TCT).

Cassowary Coast Mayor John Kremastos said that this body of work has been inspired through a fusion of local industry representatives through TCT and supported by Council staff.

“It provides a blueprint for the industry to move forward and grow while also incorporating many of the broader strategic considerations that are important for the region’s ongoing prosperity,” said Cr Kremastos.

“The document is a credit to the Board of TCT and demonstrates a strong industry-led and Council supported approach to this important sector of our region’s economy.”

The Chair of Council’s Economic Activation and Tourism Committee Councillor Ben Heath said the strategies were not aimed solely at visitors.

“While providing many practical strategies and actions to help build our tourism industry and provide greater access to the attractions and experiences the Cassowary Coast has to offer, the draft Strategy aims to “Love the place we live” and reconnect with this magnificent region,” said Cr Heath. 

The other draft strategic report released by Council was a strategic plan to support events and activities around the Tully River, prepared by consultants – MacroPlan Dimasi. This was partly funded by the Building Better Regions Fund grant.

“The MacroPlan study is the first time the Council has considered contemporary economic implications for tourism related opportunities within the Tully Gorge and surrounding areas,” said Cr Heath.

“The draft Strategic plan looks at global, domestic, regional, and local factors that are influencing tourism demand within our region, with special consideration is given to already existing white rafting opportunities and emerging markets such as mountain biking and touring for the area.”

The MacroPlan provides not only a detailed analysis of the Tully Gorge area but is also expected to be of significant broader usefulness to the tourism sector across our neighbouring regions.

It also identifies the Council’s Cardstone site as a potential key asset in helping to develop adventure tourism in the area.

“The Council is expected to further explore and test market opportunities to provide services on-site to support adventure tourism in the area once comments have been considered for the draft Report,” said Council’s Director Planning and Regional Development Manfred Boldy.

Both draft documents will be available to the public for comment from next week for three weeks, which can be found on the Council website. Public submissions will close in early October. 

The draft TCT Strategy public comments will be further considered by both the TCT Board and the Council. The MacroPlan Strategic Plan comments will be directly considered by the Council.