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Sand nourishment to tackle beach erosion at South Mission

The Kennedy Esplanade at South Mission Beach is set to undergo a sand nourishment initiative to tackle beach erosion.

Findings from a report have identified sand nourishment is the most cost effective and environmentally sound way to manage to the persistent trend of shoreline recession that has been identified at this site.

Cassowary Coast Regional Councillor Jeff Baines said the report identified a persistent loss of sand at a rate in line with being just short of one metre of recession per year since 1971. 

“Erosion is threatening the narrow strip of parkland, road and other Council managed services and is the only gazetted access to many properties at this location,” said Cr Baines.

“Early June is the ideal time to undertake the works as it is when the tidal range is most suited, and to ensure maximum longevity of the nourishment program.”

Council will deliver 700 cubic metres of sand over a two day period.

“This will program will also deliver on improved access over the seawall at the end of Jackey Street over a period of time as sand naturally moves to the north and provides a coastal dune buffer up to Wheatly Creek,” said Cr Baines.

Council will use similar grade sand to what already exists which will be transported from local rivers to match the existing colour.

Sand nourishment has been undertaken along the Kennedy Esplanade since 2005, and is a soft option to protect roads, drainage infrastructure, coastal boat ramps and pedestrian access points from the effects of slow coastal erosion.

Works are part of Council’s Natural Environment Programme for Coastal Management.