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Council Meeting News Briefs - 14 May Meeting

"Read More" for updates on Innisfail's new regional library, planned upgrades of marine facilities at Mission Beach, Council advocating for feral pig funding, the latest road/bridge/water projects and more...

Panama Disease (Bananas) & Fencing of Farms

Banana growers in the Cassowary Coast region are being reminded to erect fences on their property boundary rather than on public road reserve.

Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Grants Awarded

Council is helping to create art for all Queenslanders through Regional Arts Development Fund grants for residents. "Read More" for details.

Council Meeting News Briefs - 23 April

"Read More" for news on Council's development incentive scheme, successful applicants for Regional Arts Development Fund grants, changes to the Drummuster program and more...

Anzac Day Events - Cassowary Coast Region

"Read More" for details of events in Innisfail, Kurrimine Beach, El Arish, Tully and Cardwell.

Tree Removal Outside the Innisfail Post Office

Three trees will be removed from a public area outside the Innisfail Post Office. Cassowary Coast Regional Council staff will be removing the trees, which will be replaced with three others in coming weeks.

April 'Council Connect' eNewsletter

"Read More" for all the latest news on major projects, current and upcoming work, events and entertainment, job opportunities, tenders and quotes, funding opportunities and more...

Proposed Disaster Funding Cuts

Cassowary Coast Regional Council and other local councils are urging the Federal Government to stop moves to reduce disaster funding. "Read More" for details...

Council Meeting News Briefs - 9 April 2015

Plans for a beachside water play area, major sewerage scheme upgrades, the latest road, bridge, water and sewerage scheme work and more...

Innisfail Panama Information Centre Opens - State Gvt Media Release

A Biosecurity Qld information centre will be open in the Innisfail Shire Hall offices from Thursday 9 April. There is also an information station at the Tully Showgrounds entrance. "Read More" for details...

Hotlines to Report Injured Cassowaries and Other Wildlife

Cassowary Coast residents who come across an injured cassowary are being urged to ring the State Government’s wildlife hotline. "Read More" for the number, and another hotline for other wildlife.

Council Meeting News Briefs: 26 March 2015

Council approvals for a function room, a basalt extraction business, a fabrication and tyre business, support for liquor licences, Vanuatu appeal assistance and more...

Conservation Projects: Council to host the ‘Green Army’

Cassowary corridors at Mission Beach will be extended and the banks of Innisfail’s Johnstone River restored through two new Cassowary Coast Regional Council conservation projects. Join the Green Army and be part of them...

Come Clean - Go Clean: Support the Region's Banana Industry

Keep eating our region's beautiful bananas and make sure you "Come Clean - Go Clean" if you are visiting a banana farm. That's how we can all help the banana industry as it tackles Panama TR4. "Read More" for details & factsheets...

Council Meeting News Briefs: 12 March 2015

An update on the new Innisfail Library, an across-the-region $236,885 culvert/roadwork project, changes to the way we promote our region to tourists, new park lighting... "Read More" for details.

Upgraded Security Camera Network - Innisfail & Tully CBDs

Security camera systems in the Tully and Innisfail town centres have been upgraded and expanded thanks to a partnership between Council and the Qld Police Service, making them safer places for everyone.

Updated Flood Mapping - Please Take a Look

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has undertaken new flood study modelling for the region and the information is now available to residents online. "Read More" for details...

Council Meeting News Briefs - 26 February Meeting

Plans for a restaurant-shop at Cowley Beach, offers of help to cyclone-affected councils, a public toilet petition and the latest financial report and strategic action plan review. "Read More" for details...

Help us to Reduce the Number of Wandering Dogs

Be a responsible dog owner - have adequate fences or enclosures on your property, walk your dog on a leash in public places and make sure you register your dog with Council.

Council Signs MOU with Tropical Coast Tourism

Council has signed a memorandum of understanding with the local tourism industry organisation to increase this region’s tourism and economic potential. "Read More" for details.
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