Cassowary Coast Regional Council

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Crocodile Management


Disaster Information

Council's disaster information page for different hazards and how to prepare for them.


Flammable & Combustible Materials

All enquiries in relation to Flammable and Combustible Materials can be directed to Workplace Health and Safety via their website


Marine Stingers

Marine stingers can be found in North Queensland waters during the summer months from October through to May.



Includes illegal camping, declared plants and animals, environmental nuisances, mosquito control, noise control, overgrown allotments, syringe disposals and vermin.



Council operates two community nurseries, one in Innisfail and the other in Tully.


Parks & Natural Environment

Including Beach/Esplanade Protection, declared plants and animals, natural resource management, vegegetation management and walking tracks.


Permits & Licenses

Includes accommodation, activities on footpaths, animals, environmentally relevant activities, flammable and combustible liquides, food businesses, standing stalls and itinerant vendors, tattooing and body piercing.


Reef Guardian Program

Council takes pride in its activities as a Reef Guardian Council and seeks to identify opportunities to embed practices which have good outcomes or the Great Barrier Reef within its everyday operations.