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Plumbing and Drainage Plumbing and Drainage

A compliance permit is required for all plumbing and drainage work which is not included in the schedules of notifiable work, minor work or unregulated work in accordance with the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 (Qld).

Plumbing and drainage work must be carried out by a licensed plumber and drainer, and a compliance permit is required before work commences.

To check if a plumber or drainer holds a current licence, please contact the Queensland Buildng and Construction Commission (QBCC).

Lodging a Development Application for Plumbing and Drainage Work

A Development Application for Plumbing and Drainage Work needs to include the following documentation:

  • Plumbing Form 1 (compliance assessment application for plumbing, drainage and on-site sewerage work)
  • Plumbing and drainage site plan showing connection to mains (in sewered areas) and/or location of on-site sewerage facilities and disposal areas (in non-sewered areas)
  • Plumbing and Drainage house drainage plan including fixtures
  • Report for the design of on-site sewerage facilities by a suitably qualified person (for non-sewered areas)
  • Hydraulic design (for larger commercial projects) and trade waste

Documentation Checklist

Fees and Charges

A completed Plumbing Form 1 with the items listed above and the applicable application fee must be lodged with Council either by post or over the counter.  See Contact Council for office locations and the postal address.

Compliance Permits

When a Development Application for Plumbing and Drainage Work is lodged with Council it will be given a development application (DA) number. Council then has 10 business days to issue a compliance permit or request further information.

A Compliance Permit for Plumbing and Drainage Work (with or without on-site sewerage facilities) advises of the conditions and mandatory inspections necessary to enable the regulated plumbing and drainage work to be carried out.  A Compliance Certificate will be issued after a compliant Final Plumbing Inspection.

For residential sites, garbage bins will be automatically ordered and delivered to the site once a compliance certificate for plumbing and drainage work has been issued.

For commercial buildings, a plumbing and drainage compliance certificate must be issued before obtaining a building final certificate of classification.

Plumbing and Drainage Inspections

Licenced plumbing inspector Sean O'Brien provides this service on behalf of Council. Mr O'Brien works out of both the Innisfail Shire Hall and the Tully Civic Centre.

Innisfail Shire Hall days (northern inspections): Mondays, Wednesdays & some Thursdays

Tully Civic Centre days (southern Inspections): Tuesdays, Fridays & some Thursdays

Mr O'Brien is available for office appointments between 8:30am and 12pm. Mandatory inspections will be outlined on your compliance permit. Please allow 48 hours notice when scheduling inspections and office appointments.

As-Constructed Drainage Plan Search Request

An As Constructed Drainage Plan Search outlines where the as constructed drainage pipes are located for an existing structure.

To request an as-constructed drainage plan/water & sewer main plan search complete the As Constructed Drainage Plan Search form and lodge it along with the applicable fee. Council has a five business day turnaround for searches. Please note that some searches may be unsuccessful.

Notifiable Work

On 1 November 2012 new amendments to the Plumbing & Drainage Act 2002 were passed to create a new category of plumbing and drainage work called 'notifiable work'.

Notifiable work requires plumbers and drainers to lodge a Form 4 (Notifiable Work) direct with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) within 10 business days of completing the work. These new laws have increased the amount of work a plumber or drainer can perform without local government approval or mandatory inspections. The vast majority of work undertaken in existing buildings will be notifiable work, for example:

  • Installing or replacing hot water systems
  • Kitchen additions or renovations
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Installing additional fixtures in an existing dwelling or shed (where plumbing work is already present)

The QBCC and local governments will work together to audit licensees to help ensure that plumbers and drainers are complying with their obligations.

For more information or a full list of notifiable works please refer to the QBCC website. The website also gives licensees and property owners further information and access to a suite of  Notifiable Work Resources.


Minor Work

Minor work is similar to notifiable work in that the work must be completed by a licenced plumber or drainer but it does not need to be registered with Council or the Plumbing Industry Council.

Minor work includes such things as:

  • Replacing, maintaining, repairing or removing a fitting or fixture
  • Repairing a broken or damaged pipe
  • Installing, replacing, maintaining, repairing or removing an apparatus

Minor work does not include:

  • Work necessary for installing, replacing or removing the following:
    • A temperature control device
    • A water heater
    • A testable backflow prevention device
    • A dual check valve with an atmospheric port
    • Replacing a domestic water filter cartridge

For more information or a full list of minor works please refer to the Department of Housing and Public Works website:
Department of Housing & Public Works: Plumbing

Unregulated Work

Unregulated work is plumbing and drainage work that does not require Council approval or notification. No licence is required to perform this work.

Unregulated work includes such things as:

  • Cleaning or maintaining ground level grates or traps on sanitary drains
  • Replacing caps to ground level inspection openings on sanitary drains
  • Maintaining an above or below ground irrigation system for the disposal of effluent from an on-site sewerage facility
  • Installing or maintaining an irrigation or lawn watering system downstream from an isolating valve, tap or backflow prevention device on the supply pipe for the irrigation or lawn watering system
  • Replacing a jumper valve or washer in a tap
  • Changing a shower head
  • Replacing, in a water closet (WC) cistern, a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber.

On-site Sewerage Facilities & Greywater Systems

Residents often enquire about on-site sewerage facilities and greywater on their property. The below information is designed to help answer frequently-asked questions.

On-Site Sewerage Facilities Factsheet

Alterations to Sewer/Water Main and Water Meter Connections/Disconnections

If you wish to carry out alterations to Council's sewer main or water main, or to apply for a water meter connection or disconnection, please contact Council's Water & Sewerage Department on 4030 2295 or 1300 763 903. 
Water Department - Forms & Factsheets.

Plumbing Standards / Forms / Factsheets & Useful Links

Plumbing is regulated by Council under current State Government legislation: Department of Housing & Public Works Plumbing: Laws and Codes

Quick links to commonly-used forms:

For further information please call Council's Building Services team:
Innisfail: Ph 07 4030 2242 or email
Tully: Ph: 07 4043 9150 or email