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August 18 2017: Tully CBD Water Main Upgrade

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has been undertaking a program to replace deteriorated mains in Tully that were installed approximately 70 years ago.  The next phase of the project is to upgrade the water mains in Butler, Bryant and Morris Streets and the southern end of Hort Street are now due.

The current mains significantly impact fire fighting flows and pressures.  The existing pipes of only 100mm diameter will be upgraded to 150mm to provide for long term growth and to optimise fire fighting capability in the CBD.

As part of the upgrade, all water services to each business or property will be replaced with a new service or meter with smart metering transmitters installed.  Smart metering will allow Council to detect any unusual consumption patterns i.e. water leaks.

Traffic and pedestrian management plans have been developed for the project.  For Bryant, Morris and Hort Streets, Council will utilise traffic controllers to maintain traffic through work areas.  Street parking will not be available in the vicinity of the works.

Butler Street will be closed to through traffic for the period of constructing the water main past each of the garden build outs and covered crossing.  Otherwise through traffic will be permitted through the area.  However, there will be some parking restrictions to suit the traffic conditions.

Pedestrian access along footpaths will be maintained throughout the duration of the project.

Construction will commence at Bryant Street at the end of August with the full project finalised by the end of November, 2017 (dates weather permitting). 

Council staff will continue to liaise with business owners and residents throughout the project and advise of any service alterations or loss of water, with minimal disruptions expected.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Councillor Rick Taylor said, "I'm very pleased to see this vital infrastructure upgrade go ahead in the main CBD area of Tully. Council staff have been revising plans to minimise business disruption during the upgrade. While it will be a challenge for both businesses and the community during this time, I would ask for patience and understanding from the general public. Council staff will be available prior to work starting, and during the upgrade, to answer questions and assist in making the process go as smoothly as possible."

Councillor Taylor said, "The current pipes have been in the ground for over 70 years and are well overdue for replacement. The new network will provide a significant improvement to both water pressure and flow rates, both vital for fire fighting capabilities within the town centre, and with large commercial properties and a couple of accommodation facilities within the CBD area, it will be a welcome improvement."

For further information regarding the project please contact Coordinator of Water Reticulation Gary Hill (07) 4043 8840 or or after hours Customer Service 1300763903 or place a Request on Councils website

Caption - Corroded water main from Tully CBD