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July 24 2017: New reservoir project and landfill project to go ahead

Council secures $2.49 million for projects to boost the region

A new reservoir and a landfill project can progress after a $2.49 million boost for the Cassowary Coast region.

Cassowary Coast Mayor John Kremastos said a new 4.5 mega-litre reservoir could now be fast-tracked along with a landfill capping project after Council secured funds from the Queensland Government towards the two projects through its Building Our Regions program.

The reservoir will be built on Wheatley's Hill at South Mission Beach and is part of Council's long-term plan to increase water security across the region, prepare for future population growth and provide alternatives for supply during periods of heavy rain if there is turbidity from intakes.

It will be built alongside a current smaller reservoir, with Council allocating money in the 2017-18 and the 2018-19 budgets for its construction.

Mayor Kremastos said the Tully landfill capping project was another long-term project which was being funded over two budgets and with a significant contribution from the Queensland Government.

Council is capping a 1.6 hectare landfill that has been used by Cassowary Coast residents for the past 20 years.  The capping project protects people and the environment from any potentially harmful landfill content.

Mayor Kremastos said the Queensland Government's Building Our Regions program had provided much-needed support for critical regional infrastructure projects.

"We are very appreciative of this help to improve liveability in the Cassowary Coast region,'' he said.