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June 26 2017: Major signage project to promote the Cassowary Coast

A major signage project to promote the Cassowary Coast region is beginning.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has allocated $130,000 in the 2017-18 Budget for Stage 1 of a Wayfinding Strategy and Signage project, and has carryover funding of $30,000 from the previous budget. 

Mayor John Kremastos said the project reflected Council's focus on promoting the region to drive economic growth.

The project will include innovative entry statements at the region's southern, northern and western entrances, and entry signs for both major and smaller regional centres.  It will be rolled out over a five-year period.

The project also includes a region wide signage audit with an emphasis on "less is more" and creating an impact.

Cr Ben Heath said Council aimed to better promote the Cassowary Coast to the hundreds of thousands of people who passed through the region.

He said entry statements, destination and directional signage would give people a feel for the region, its identity and the wealth of experiences on offer.

There would be a focus on interactive signage.

"We will be looking at creating entry statements that will 'stop traffic', for instance structures that will get travellers out of their vehicles taking photographs. They can make an area a regular stop for travellers and create an identity for the region and unique townships.

"The idea is also to minimise visual pollution by consolidating signs, and installing entry statements that show the pride we have in our region.

"We look forward to community consultation on this project.''

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