Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Mundoo - Northern Australia Aviation Logistics Hub Mundoo - Northern Australia Aviation Logistics Hub

Air freight makes up a small but important part of Australia's overall freight task and is predominantly used to transport high-value and time-critical goods such as parcels, fresh produce and seafood. Importantly, regional airports have become a critical part of multimodal transport hubs particularly in strategic agribusiness regions where direct and indirect export opportunities exist.

The national air freight task is supported by existing passenger services where over 80% of domestic freight is carried in the belly-hold of scheduled passenger services.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council has recognised Mundoo Airport as a vital link in the region’s economic supply chain through the proposed development of a strategically located aviation logistics hub, taking advantage of Mundoo Airport’s proximity to non-aviation transport modes, road, and rail.

CCRC has developed an approach to establishing a transport hub that combines the unique geographic location with the intersection of significant State and Local Government assets to provide a unique transport intermodal hub.

The initial investigation has identified Mundoo Airport, wholly owned by Council, as a key element in establishing an intermodal logistics hub that provides opportunity for inbound air freight hubbing into Far North Queensland to reduce inbound costs on freight by distributing south to major markets through rail and road infrastructure immediately available to the airport.

Increased infrastructure investment into the Mundoo Airport will also enable strategic outbound regional goods and agribusiness products to be exported internationally and domestically through Australia’s major airport networks.

This development has the potential to significantly reduce costs associated with accessing distribution modes to southern markets through reduction in flying time and on ground time in southern major distribution capitals.