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Mundoo Airport Aviation Logistics Hub Mundoo Airport Aviation Logistics Hub

Mundoo Airport is located just south of the Innisfail township and west of the Bruce Highway and main north-south railway line. The current site is approximately 66.7 ha in size and is on one land title (99/SPI/169226). The site is currently zoned appropriately for airport use. The majority of the land is considered airside, with approximately 1 ha considered to be landside, which comprises of a small gravelled car park, storage shed, public facilities and an aero club meeting room.

Mundoo Airport comprises one sealed and one unsealed runway, one sealed and one unsealed taxiway, several aircraft hangars, a general aviation apron, internal roads and navigation equipment. An avgas fuel facility is located adjacent to the apron and there are a number of private fuel facilities associated with private hangars. Aeronautical lighting is provided to the sealed runway, taxiway and apron.

Surrounded primarily by sugarcane and banana production, Mundoo Airport is ideally placed to be developed into a key freight hub, exporting its’ regional produce to Australia’s major airport network. Council own adjacent land to the north of the airport, ideally located to be developed as a freight transfer hub, linking local road infrastructure to industrial estates.

Designed to provide functional aviation services to the local community, small industry and recreational use, Mundoo Airport enjoys a typical variety of mixed activities from aircraft maintenance, agricultural spraying and even skydiving, and critically, provides facilities useable during natural disasters and emergencies.


Mundoo Airport has two runways:

  • Runway 14/32 is a sealed runway 30m x 1,353m with a 90m strip width:and
  • Runway 03/21 is a grass strip 30m x 1,330m with a 90m strip wodth

The current sealed runway at Mundoo Airport has a Pavement Classification Number (PCN) of 9.  The pavement is classified as flexible and has limited capacity for aircraft with an ACN of 9 or below.


Taxiway and Apron

Mundoo Airport is serviced by one sealed Code B taxiway connecting the sealed runway to the apron area.

A small apron is located east of the sealed runway with a single apron flood light.



Runway 14/32 is serviced with pilot activated Low Intensity Runway Lighting (LIRL) edge lights and threshold lights at both runway ends.

The sealed taxiway is serviced by blue taxiway edge lights.

The wind Direction Indicator is lit.


Navigation and approach aids

Mundoo Airport is serviced by a Non-Directional Beacon (operated by Airservices Australia).  The NDB does not appear to be included in the rationalisation project by Airservices Australia.