Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Tree Giveaway January - February 2020

If you live on the Cassowary Coast, you are invited to pick up your two FREE trees (per person) on Thursday 30 January, Friday 31 January, Thursday 6 February and Friday 7 February 2020! That means for a family of four, you could pick up eight* trees for your household.

When: 8am - 3pm on 30 & 31 January, and 6 & 7 February
Where: Council's Innisfail and Tully Nurseries:
    Corner of Campbell and Sundown Streets, Innisfail; and
    Anderson Street, Tully (next to the Council Works Depot)


*Limit two trees per person. Individuals must be present to receive their tree (trees cannot be collected on behalf of others).

Castanospermum australe - Blackbean

  • Tall tree approx. 10m to 30m high
  • Clusters of reddish yellow flowers on trunk and branches
  • Flowering period from September to November
  • Flowers attract nectar feeding brids and butterflies
  • Good shade tree with a dense canopy
  • Roots good at stabilising river banks


Licuala ramsyi - Fan Palm

  • Solitary palm to 20m high
  • Endemic to North Qld rainforest
  • Panicles of scented cream flowers
  • Flowering period February to October
  • Red / orange fruit eaten by Cassowaries and other birds
  • Prefers a sheltered moist shady position


Syzygium angophoroides - Yarrabah Satinash

  • Small bushy tree 8m in open to 30m high in rainforest
  • Usually grows in swampy situations or near permanent water in rainforest
  • Panicles of white or cream fluffy flowers - July to November
  • Abundant small dark purple fleshy fruit
  • Fruit eaten by many birds including Cassowaries
  • Grows Cape York to Hinchinbrook Island, NT and WA


Beakea virgata (Babingtonia virgata) - Heath Myrtle

  • Bushy fast-growing shrub, 2-4m high
  • Native plant of Queensland
  • Profuse dainty white flowers occurring December to March
  • Nectar-rich flowers attract bees and butterflies
  • Tolerates a range of soil types and soil moisture
  • Good screening plant
  • Hardy