Have you seen the new Trade Waste Environmental Management Plan? There will be changes to the way fees and charges are applied from January 2015, among other things, and these changes may affect you. To learn more, visit our Trade Waste page.

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Council Meeting News Briefs: 26 March 2015

Council approvals for a function room, a basalt extraction business, a fabrication and tyre business, support for liquor licences, Vanuatu appeal assistance and more...

Free Courses and Tutorials Through Cassowary Coast Libraries

"Read More" to learn about literally thousands of courses and tutorials in areas ranging from architecture, accounting and automative design to rigging, writing business reports, photography, web design...

Conservation Projects: Council to host the ‘Green Army’

Cassowary corridors at Mission Beach will be extended and the banks of Innisfail’s Johnstone River restored through two new Cassowary Coast Regional Council conservation projects. Join the Green Army and be part of them...

ChemClear Collection - Register by Friday 27 March

Cassowary Coast farmers, vets, rural businesses, golf course managers and any other ag chemical users - now is the time to register for ChemClear's statewide collection of unwanted, inherited or unknown chemicals.

Vanuatu Cyclone Relief Appeal

Queensland councils are promoting the Australian Red Cross Cyclone Pam (Vanuatu) Appeal. Please "Read More" for details.

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