Setting Up Your Business

Here are some helpful tips to setting up your business!

  1. Prepare a business plan - Refer to the Australian Government's Business Entry Point website for more information.
  2. Talk to your local Business Enterprise Centre, Advance Cairns.
  3. Register your business name - Start by downloading an application form from the Queensland Office of Fair Trading website.
  4. Visit SmartLicence for information on registering your business name in Queensland.
  5. Register your website domain name with your internet service provider.
  6. Apply for your Australian Business Number (ABN) online.  At the same time you can register for GST, PAYG withholding and TFN.
  7. Find out about the Council permits and licenses needed for your business. Visit our Permits and Licences page.
  8. Protect your brand with register logos, trademarks etc. by referring to Intellectual Property.
  9. Consider your insurance needs by referring to Business Insurance.