Economic Development Plan

The Cassowary Coast Regional Council Economic Development Plan ‘Tropical Futures 2016’ is the culmination of extensive research and consultation with our local business community and with government and non-government partners.  A dynamic framework has been created to guide sustainable economic growth in the Cassowary Coast region.

The Plan focuses on five economic pillars:

  1. Marketing the Cassowary Coast Region
  2. Building Partnerships
  3. Workforce Development
  4. Enabling Infrastructure
  5. Planning for the Future

The plan, which includes a set of strategies and priority actions for the region to 2016, is the first in a series of five-year plans. It focuses on both laying a foundation that raises the profile of the region and building up the capacity of individual industry groups and business networks.

The local economy is characterised by a range of business activities supported by a resilient agricultural and tourism base that provides for local employment growth in our region. Ongoing investment is characterised by large-scale developments. Supported by public-private partnerships, a more vibrant centre for businesses and residents will be developed.

Council and its partners are committed to playing an active role in achieving economic wellbeing and quality of life for the communities.  The Cassowary Coast Regional Council Economic Development Plan will guide Council in shaping that future.

The Cassowary Coast region provides for more than just a lifestyle - it aims to be an innovative region where people want to live, work and grow their business.

A copy of the Economic Development Plan – Tropical Futures 2016 can be accessed here.