Sustainable Business

  • Council provides the following services to businesses and residents in the Cassowary Coast:

    Waste Transfer Stations

    Council maintains seven waste transfer stations across the Cassowary Coast region:

    1. Bell's Creek – off the Bruce Highway between Silkwood & El Arish
    2. Cardwell – Lawson Drive, Cardwell
    3. Hull Heads – Tully-Hull Heads Road, Hull Heads
    4. Innisfail – Stoters Hill, Quarry Drive, off the Palmerson Highway
    5. Murray Upper – Middle Murray Road, Murray Upper
    6. Tully – Tully Gorge Road, Tully
    7. Wongaling Beach/South Mission Beach – Wheatley Road, Wongaling Beach

    For times of operation, fees etc, and to obtain a list of what is accepted, please contact:

    Council's Customer Service Line: 1300 763 903 or 07 4030 2222

  • EcoBiz

    Council actively promotes the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management's ecoBiz program.

    Most of us want to be more environmentally sustainable but it can be hard to know where to start, especially when you are busy trying to run a business.  EcoBiz is a program designed to help businesses save money and help the environment.

    Adopting sustainable business practices doesn't just mean a healthier planet - it also means a healthier bottom line.

    Details of the program can be found at:

    Far North Climate Smart Business Cluster

    This program is about helping Queensland businesses work together. It helps Queensland businesses team up with a Cluster Leader to identify opportunities and increase knowledge on how to improve energy, water and waste efficiency.

    Details of the program can be found at:

    Climate Smart Business Associations

    Is your association interested in meeting the challenges of climate change?  If so this program is for you.

    Details of the program can be found at: Climatesmart

    Climate Smart Retail

    Is your retail organisation interested in climate change?  See how it can profit from participating in the ClimateSmart Retail Program.

    Details of the program can be found at:

    Eco-efficiency for Queensland Manufacturers

    This is a website providing tools for Queensland manufacturers to be more eco-efficient.

    Details can be found at:

  • For a list of Federal Government support initiatives, refer to the following websites: