Cowley Beach Caravan Park

Cowley Beach is located along the Great Green Way, just 20 minutes south of Innisfail. This quiet beachfront hamlet is 8kms off the Bruce Highway and has a kiosk and caravan park, and a small army camp to the north.

Holidaymakers enjoy throwing a line in at Liverpool Creek for mangrove jack, barramundi, bream and flathead, or use the boat ramp to head out to the nearby Barnard Islands.

The Barnard Island Group National Park is close by and comprises seven islands Bresnahan, Hutchinson, Jessie, Kent and Lindquist (North Barnard islands) and Sisters and Stephens (South Barnard islands). Snorkel straight from the small sandy beaches over beautiful coral to see colourful fish, turtles and maybe a dugong. This area is a green zone so no fishing is allowed.

Cowley Beach is just half an hour from the towns of Tully and Mission Beach, and is in a rain shadow area receiving much less rain than surrounding areas.

Nearby Kurrimine is a favourite fishing spot where anglers have a choice of beach, estuary or reef fishing. Abundant species of fish and the famous painted crayfish are just waiting a couple of hundred metres offshore. There’s an all tide boat ramp close by at Maria Creek. This community has the largest fishing club in Queensland and holds a fishing competition each September that attracts more than 700 participants.