Environmental Nuisances

Queensland has laws relating to environmental nuisances. If you have an issue with dust, smoke, noise, light, odours or other emissions, Council will investigate and determine if the nuisance is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act.

If the nuisance is determined to be an offence, Council can take action on your behalf to ensure that the nuisance does not continue.

Noise is a major source of "nuisance" reports within the community, however only certain types of noise are regulated under Queensland Law.

Noise from building works is restricted to the hours of 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday. Noise from building works on a Sunday or public holiday is not permitted under nuisance law.

Other types of noise that are regulated include tools such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers and power tools, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, pumps and boat engines. For further details on noise restrictions and nuisance, please visit our Noise Control page and/or contact Council's Environmental Services section on (07) 4030 2264.


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