Australian native bee association workshop


Tim Heard will conduct a workshop on keeping Stingless bee hives and propagation of native solitary bees.

Contact name: Neil Fraser

Contact phone number: 0407264384

Contact email address:

Tim will describe the requirements for successful native beekeeping in our wet region of far north Queensland. Hives will be opened, magnification lamps to be available to really see into the goings on of a most secret insect and taste their honey poured onto icecream. Dr Tim Heard and Dr Tobias Smith will be the guest presenters for the duration of the workshop delivering information about protecting and providing habitat to increase native bees in your area. Budding and transfer techniques for Stingless beekeeping, planting guides for best pollen and nectar yields in the great green way . Where to find native bees and what to look for in their most likely inhabited zones.