Flooding & Flood Maps

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For live, up-to-the-minute updates on power outages, weather warnings, road conditions, and more - head to disaster.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au, and stay informed. 

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FloodInform Report

Information supplied on this website, discover.cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au, can be one of your first steps to becoming prepared. 

Flood mapping

Floodinform report rzIf your area of interest is part of the flood study area, the flood maps at the above website can show whether you live or work in a flood-prone area.  You can follow the links on the website to find out about how you can prepare and protect yourself, your family and home.

The new FloodInform System is an initiative of Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

The maps show the estimated areas of inundation for a variety of flood events.

Flood analysis is based on comprehensive computer modelling calibrated against records of actual flood events.

The website provides locations, street names, aerial photography and available flood mapping for defined areas of the Cassowary Coast region.

Cassowary Coast Regional Council Flood Study 2014

The study documents the update of the Tully/Murray and Johnstone River flood models and the creation of new models for the Moresby, Liverpool, Maria and Banyan/Bulgun Creeks.  Using udpated flood modelling results, development planning controls have been defined for the Cassowary Coast Regional Council limits.

CCRC 2014 Flood Study

Johnstone River Flood Study 2003

The study area is confined to the lower reaches of the Johnstone and South Johnstone Rivers, covering towns of Innisfail, South Johnstone, Wangan, Mourilyan and surrounds.

Johnstone River Flood Study Vol 1 (1 MB)

Johnstone River Flood Study Vol 2 part 1

Johnstone River Flood Study Vol 2 part 2

Johnstone River Flood Study Vol 2 part 3

Johnstone River Flood Study Vol 2 part 4

Johnstone River Floodplain Management Plan 2003 (3.11 MB)

Former Cardwell Shire - Flood & Storm Surge Study

The Flood Study area includes the Tully and Murray River Catchments from Tully in the north to Cardwell in the south and areas in between.

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 part 1

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 part 2

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 Drawing Addendum Part 1

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 Drawing Addendum Part 2

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 Drawing Addendum Part 3

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 Drawing Addendum Part 4

Cardwell Inundation Study 2008 Drawing Addendum Part 5

Flood Evacuation Maps

Flood Evacuation Maps for the Innisfail area have recently been prepared by the Cassowary Coast Regional Council. Other areas will be added progressively as mapping is finalised.

Innisfail (East) Evacuation Zones

Innisfail (West) Evacuation Zones

For more information on Disaster Manager Planning, please refer to the Emergency Services Queensland website.

Local Drainage Studies

Council has undertaken a number of local drainage studies in urban areas.  The studies assess our network's drainage capacity, compare it to current standards, identify solutions for drainage issues and help in the design of replacement infrastructure.

The studies and drainage models also allow developers and their engineers to assess any impacts of proposed developments.  To access Council's flood or drainage models, consulting engineers need to complate a data share agreement and pay a data management fee.

In the studies, Council prioritises drainage upgrade options and determines a priority order for stormwater upgrade works throughout the region.  Projects are undertaken as funding becomes available in annual Council budgets.

The studies that have been undertaken include:-

  • Cardwell
  • Innisfail CBD
  • Innisfail East
  • Innisfail Estate
  • Mission Beaches
  • Mourilyan
  • Silkwood
  • South Johnstone
  • Tully-Hull Heads

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