Council manages approximately 70km of footpaths, which include shared paths and off-road cycleways. Most of these pathways give residents access to well-used facilities such as shops, schools, hospitals and tourist destinations.

Footpath construction materials include pavers, concrete, asphalt and bitumen. Materials are chosen to suit the area and the path's function.

The Cassowary Coast Cycle and Pedestrian Strategy sets strategic direction to Council’s investment into the future expansion of its pathway network. It helps Council to deliver on its strategic vision of regional growth.  The implementation plan aims to manage community expectations by being realistic about Council’s ability to deliver an affordable and sustainable pathway network and remain focused on key priorities, including integration with the State Government's Principal Cycle Network.

As with all council assets, footpath information is stored in a Geographic Information System (GIS). This system records the location, size, type and condition of footpaths from their most recent inspections.

If you are intending to undertake works on a footpath, please view our Council Roads page for more details on the application process.