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Story Time - The big green frog in the toilet

Story by Ahn Do & Simon Mellor; illustrated by Heath McKenzie

Presented by Leisa and Krista (15/04/2020)


School Holiday Fun - Mrs Squiggle

Join Mrs Squiggle (aka Jacue) as she transforms an ordinary squiggle into a piece of art! Try it with your family at home.

Supplies: paper or card; pens, pencils, crayons, or markers.

Presented by Jacque (15/04/2020)


School Holiday Fun - Papier Mache Basket

Make your own basket - perfect for collecting Easter eggs, filling with flowers or gift giving.

Supplies: balloon;  paper;  magazines (optional);  glue;  scissors;  paint brush (or use your fingers);  pictures, stickers, crayons, paint etc to decorate

Presented by Kellie (10/04/2020)


Story Time: The Aussie Easter Hat Parade

Story by Colin Buchanan;  illustrated by Simon Williams

Presented by Maxine    (09/04/2020)


School Holiday Fun - Ball Maze

We challenge you to make this ball maze with items you have at home!

Supplies: cardboard box; cardboard tubes;  coloured or patterned paper or light card;  scissors;  pencils, crayons markers or paint to decorate; glue;  tape;  kitchen foil

Presented by Kellie


Story Time: Sheep go to sleep

Story by Nancy Shaw;  illustrated by Margot Apple

Presented by Jenny (07/04/2020)


Story Time: Danny McGee Drinks the Sea

Story by Andy Stanton;  illustrated by Neal Layton

Presented by Karen (03/04/2020)


Story Time:  No Baths Week

Story by Katrina McKelvey; illustrated by Cheri Hughes

Presented by Krista and Leisa  (31/03/2020)


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