Closed Tenders

CCW000162 - McGowan Drive Upgrade closed 13 October at 5pm 

CCW000170 - Construction of Cardwell Transit Centre, Balliol Street Cultural Centre and the Cardwell Disability Acess Improvements closed 12 October at 5pm

CCW000171 - Construction of Barbwire Creek Bridge closed 7 October at 5pm 

CCW000154 - Sewer Construction -SPS29 Sewer Rising Main and Bon Villa Gravity Sewer closed 7 October at 5pm

CCW000166 - Cowley Creek Road Culvert Upgrades  closed 4 October at 5pm 

CCW000165 - Stoters Hill Landfill - Cell 1 & 2 Sidewall Liner Construction Lifts 3 & 4 closed 4 October at 5pm 

CCW000164 - Mission Beach Waste Transfer Station Redevelopment closed 20 September at 10am