Crocodile Management

Estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles naturally occur in waterways and water bodies in the Cassowary Coast region, and throughout central and northern Queensland.

The State Government's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection manages saltwater crocodiles.  More information is available on the department's website at . It is also available in the department's Cassowary Coast Regional Council Saltwater Crocodile Management Plan.

All crocodile sightings in Queensland should be reported to the CrocWatch hotline on 1300 130 372.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection records and investigates all crocodile reports made by the public and will take appropriate action based on the potential safety risk posed by the animal.

A summary of all current crocodile sightings and declared crocodiles of concern is available on the department's CrocWatch page.

Always remember that no natural waterway in crocodile country is ever 100% risk free, and the public should remain 'croc-wise' at all times when in and around crocodile habitat.