Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance - they can carry and transmit diseases including dengue fever and Ross River fever. The elimination and treatment of mosquito breeding grounds is an important part of managing mosquito-borne illnesses.

Cassowary Coast residents can help with the management of mosquito-borne illnesses by ensuring their properties and yards are free of mosquito breeding grounds throughout the year, particularly during the wet season.

Residents should check their yards for items that could fill with water such as buckets, tarpaulins, paint tins etc. and they should make sure these items are either removed or stored under cover. This is a particularly effective way of stopping the dengue-carrying mosquito, Aedes aegypti, from breeding. Residents are encouraged to empty or remove any containers holding fresh water from the yard and around the house. They should also keep roof gutters clean. This is the preferred method of preventing and controlling breeding sites for the dengue mosquito.

Residents are also encouraged to adopt preventative measures to avoid contracting mosquito-borne diseases such as the Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus and dengue fever.

Measures include:

  • applying repellent when outside
  • wearing light and long-sleeve clothing when outside
  • avoiding outdoor activities late in the evening and early in the morning when mosquitoes are more abundant
  • ensuring vegetation in the garden is not too thick because mosquitoes love dark and secluded areas
  • screening windows and doors

Residents are encouraged to report mosquito breeding sites. Council officers will investigate complaints and issue notices to residents/property owners where necessary.

Council health officers can provide advice on control and prevention of mosquito breeding. They can also investigate complaints regarding mosquito breeding sites. Council officers will issue notices to residents/property owners where necessary.

Council does not provide mosquito fogging services.

For more information on dengue see this Qld Health Dengue Factsheet and go to: or download the factsheet Mosquito Breeding Investigations