Environmentally Relevant Activities

Environmentally-relevant activities (ERAs) are industrial, intensive agricultural or resource activities that have potential environmental risks.

Council licenses the following ERAs:

  • Poultry farming (farming more than 1000 birds)
  • Asphalt manufacturing
  • Chemical storage (storing 10m3 or more of chemicals of class 3 (PGI, PGII, PGIII flammable liquids or C1 or C2 combustible liquids)
  • Plastic product manufacturing (50t or more of plastic product)
  • Abrasive blasting
  • Boiler making or engineering (producing 200t or more)
  • Metal forming (forming more than 10000t or more in a year)
  • Motor vehicle workshop (does not include maintaining a fleet of <10 vehicles, or a mobile or temporary workshop activity)
  • Printing (200t or more a year)
  • Surface coating
  • Concrete batching (producing 200t or more of concrete or concrete products in a year by mixing with sand, rock, aggregate or other similar materials)
  • Wooden and laminated product manufacturing
  • Boat maintenance or repair
  • Waste incineration or thermal treatment

Environmentally-relevant activities excluding mining and petroleum activities must have development approval and a registration certificate. (Development approval is not required in cases where a code of environmental compliance exists for the particular ERA or certain aspects of the ERA.)

All operators of ERAs, other than mining or petroleum activities, must be registered operators.

A registration certificate is required for all ERAs on the list above. The application fee is an annual licence fee as stated in the current schedule of charges for each activity. This occurs once a year (annual return) for existing ERAs.

If you are starting a new business, please contact the following Council sections:

  • Building and Planning, phone 07 4030 2222
  • Trade waste, phone 0447 794 153
  • Environmental Services, phone 07 4030 2264

To make an application, please submit the form below with the prescribed fee and any required supporting documentation.

The application forms below are required for ERAs needing development approval without town planning consent:

ERA businesses must submit a "Surrender of an Environmental Authority Application Form" to Council within 10 business days of closing a business.

For more information on ERAs visit:

Queensland Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection