River Improvement Trusts

River Improvement Trusts play a major role in managing North Queensland's rivers.

The Cassowary Coast River Improvement Trust is a statutory authority constituted under the River Improvement Trust Act 1940.  The Trust area is the whole of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council area.

The Act provides the Trust with various powers including raising funds, entering land, occupying land, entering into contracts and carrying out works. It also provides directions on management issues for the region's river systems, tributaries and catchments.

The primary role of the Trust is to plan, engineer, undertake and maintain stream improvement works designed to improve and protect rivers and streams in the trust area, with a focus on the major rivers, streams and their tributaries. The Trust manages the impact of rivers on land and has a planning role through identifying areas where inappropriate land uses would affect river processes.

The Trust's main responsibilities are:

  • working to repair flood damage to the bed and banks of waterways
  • planning, implementing and maintaining flood mitigation works
  • regulating activities which have the potential to worsen flooding or cause riverbank erosion
  • working with landholders and community groups in strategic planning to achieve stable catchments and river systems
  • managing and protecting riparian and riverine vegetation
  • securing funding for projects to protect and enhance the region's rivers and streams.

The Trust can be contacted via the Innisfail office of the Cassowary Coast Regional Council, 70 Rankin Street, via mail (Cassowary Coast River Improvement Trust, PO Box 887, Innisfail Qld 4860), by phone 1300 763 903 and by email enquiries@cassowarycoast.qld.gov.au